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The importance of mobile measurement for the energy sector

Digitalisation and connectivity are key topics that are currently shaping the energy sector. Whether it's the operation and maintenance of systems, the exchange of energy information or the supply of remote locations - reliable mobile phone reception plays a crucial role. This article sheds light on why accurate mobile radio measurement is so important for the energy supply.

The importance of an efficient and reliable energy supply

The energy supply is the lifeline of our modern society. Without it, our homes would remain dark, our appliances would not work and many industrial processes would grind to a halt. Against this backdrop, the reliable supply of electricity, gas and heat is of particular importance.

The energy sector is changing rapidly as a result of digitalisation. Energy companies are relying on modern information and communication technologies to operate their grids more efficiently, rectify faults more quickly and offer their customers new services. A central component of this digital transformation is mobile communications. It ensures that data gets from A to B quickly and securely.

The role of mobile communications in the energy sector

Mobile networks are the backbone of digital applications in the energy supply sector. They enable energy companies to control their systems remotely, transmit data in real time and provide their employees on site with the necessary information. Whether smart grids, smart meter rollout, remote monitoring of wind farms or mobile workplace solutions for service technicians – none of this would be possible without mobile communications.

But not every mobile network is the same. Different networks offer different performance, coverage and reliability. It is therefore important for energy companies to have precise knowledge of the quality of mobile phone coverage at their sites. This is where mobile network measurement comes into play.

Mobile measurement: Why it is so important for the energy sector

Mobile phone measurement makes it possible to determine the quality of the mobile phone signal at a specific location. It provides detailed information on network coverage, signal strength and data rate. This provides energy companies with an important basis for decision-making.

Imagine installing a smart meter gateway in the basement of a detached house. To ensure that the gateway works smoothly and can transmit data reliably, you need a stable and powerful mobile phone connection. With the help of a mobile phone measurement, you can determine which mobile phone provider offers the best coverage at the planned location and compare it with your contracts. The measurement can also be used to determine the ideal location for the mobile phone antenna.

However, regular mobile phone measurements are also useful during operation. It makes it possible to recognise bottlenecks and faults at an early stage and initiate measures to improve network quality. This increases operational reliability and avoids expensive downtimes.

Solutions from ENQT for the energy sector

With our products and services, we support energy companies in optimising mobile communications coverage at their sites. Our portfolio includes, among other things:

  • Netztester 2 LTE: With this easy-to-use handheld device, you can check the mobile network on site and identify the optimum location for antenna placement. Export functions can also be used to provide evidence of a successful installation.
  • SignalInsight-Service DriveTests: With this offer, you receive a quick measurement and comprehensive data analysis for an overview of the current status in the radio area, including concrete suggestions for improvement. The measurement is carried out by trained ENQT personnel.

It is also possible to measure other radio standards such as LTE 450, NB-IoT or LTE Cat. M1 is also possible.


Digitalisation opens up great opportunities for the energy sector. In order to utilise these, companies need reliable and powerful mobile communications coverage. Precise mobile network measurement enables them to assess and optimise the quality of their mobile network connections. This increases operational reliability, improves service and creates the conditions for new digital business models.