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General questions

What does ENQT offer?

ENQT is a company that offers solutions around the topics of measurement technology, energy, IoT and Industry 4.0. This includes development, manufacturing, sales and consulting around the topics.

For which companies are the solutions of ENQT GmbH suitable?

The products and services of ENQT GmbH are suitable for all companies in different industries. Our measurement solutions are suitable for all companies that want to connect their devices to the mobile network. Our services are relevant for all companies that want to prepare for digitalization and Industry 4.0. A special focus is on the energy industry.

When will the smart meter rollout begin?

The obligation to install smart meters was already decided in 2015. The smart meter rollout will start in 2020. Many network operators are currently preparing the mass rollout and are using our innovative network testers for this purpose.

What is Smart Metering?

Smart metering is the computer-based measurement, determination and control of energy consumption by means of intelligent metering systems. These smart metering systems are mandatory for all customers with electricity consumption above 6,000 kWh. Every meter must be converted by 2032.

How can ENQT be commissioned?

You can reach us by phone and by e-mail. We will be happy to advise you by phone +49 40 35 73 20 65 or by e-mail

How long does the delivery take?

The delivery time is currently 10 business days.

Is there training on Industry 4.0 and smart metering?

We offer training and workshops on many issues related to energy, Industry 4.0, IoT and smart metering. Please feel free to contact us. We will advise you on this.

Can I also order online?

Yes, on our website under the category of products, you can select and order the desired product.

Network tester LTE

How long does it take to learn the operation?

The operation of the meter can be learned in less than 10 minutes, making it quick and easy.

Can I connect other antennas to the network tester?

Yes, other antennas can be connected via the SMA ports. SMGW antennas can also be connected using the FAKRA adapter supplied. Antennas with other connections can be connected via corresponding adapters, which are available on request. Always use the right antenna connector (primary antenna) for connection.

Can I operate the touch display with gloves?

Yes, the screen can easily be operated with gloves. A stylus is also included for operation.

Do I need the measurement data portal?

No connection to the measurement data portal is required for the network tester LTE/LTE+/LTElite. The network tester LTEmax requires this access to be able to perform speed measurements and transfer measurement data.

How long does the measurement take?

The measurement takes 1-5 minutes depending on the number of configured networks. Via the live measurement you can perform a running attenuation measurement to determine the optimal antenna positioning.

How is the billing done?

Devices without a fixed-term contract are billed once. Billing for devices with a term contract is annual.

What are the functions of the network tester LTE+?

The network tester LTE+ extends the network tester LTE with important functions, such as an extended measurement data export, regular updates, remote maintenance and configuration.

Why should I choose the network tester LTEmax?

Our network tester LTEmax extends the network tester LTE+ with speed and latency measurement. You also get access to our measurement data portal. Via the API integration, the measurement data can be called up directly via your internal programs. The comprehensive Channel scan completes the range of functions of our network tester LTE.

I would like to upgrade my network tester. Do I have to send in the network tester for this?

No, our network testers can be fully maintained remotely. This means that upgrades, updates and configurations can be carried out directly by ENQT. Your network testers will then be updated at the next startup.

What is the QR scan?

The QR scan is suitable for easy export of the measurement data of our meter test. This allows you to easily transfer all relevant measured values to an external device. The data is shown as comma-separated values.

Network tester WMR

What exactly can the WMR network tester measure?

The WMR network tester can be used to measure wireless M-Bus networks. The device receives all wM-Bus telegrams and forwards them to our Android app. There, the telegrams can be displayed and exported. For a quick overview, the attenuation of each telegram is displayed.

Which Android versions is the app compatible with?

All current Android versions are supported. If you have any questions or compatibility issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I connect other antennas?

Yes, other antennas can be connected via the SMA ports. SMGW antennas can also be connected using a FAKRA adapter. Antennas with other connections can be connected via corresponding adapters which are available on request.

Data security

Is the measurement data stored in the portal?

Yes, we keep all measurement data for you until the termination of the contract. You can export your measurement data at any time via the portal.

How can I retrieve the data?

You can conveniently retrieve your data at any time via the portal. We also offer a CSV export for all data.

Is the measurement data portal secure?

Yes, we use the latest encryption methods to secure our products. The data traffic is secured using TLS.