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ENQT stands for Experts in Network Quality Testing

We have been offering our customers innovative measurement technology for mobile radio for more than seven years. The focus here is on clever measurement solutions and intelligent software for data evaluation.


Whether a measurement in the building, with a vehicle or a site-specific mobile radio monitoring – with our network testers and SignalInsight services, mobile radio networks can be tested and expanded independent of the provider.


Our task is to support our customers with expertise in measurement, secure transmission and evaluation of the recorded measurement data. The unique combination of industry and process knowledge and our innovative solutions help to sustainably expand competitiveness in the course of digitalization.

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Our approach

Strong customer focus is a cornerstone of our philosophy. That’s why it’s important to us to break down Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0 in your company to specific use cases and create targeted solution approaches.

It is part of our self-image to find simple solutions for complex problems without losing sight of your needs. Together with you, we develop a customized concept that the smooth integration of our products and solutions into your environment and processes is successfully implemented.

Our Team

Fotoshooting Teammitglied Christopher E. NiemöllerFotoshooting Teammitglied Christopher E. Niemöller in ENQT Sweatjacke
Christopher E. Niemöller

Chief Executive Officer
+49 40 35732065

Fotoshooting Teammitglied Marius Blog in ENQT SweatjackeFotoshooting Teammitglied Marius Blog
Marius Block

Product and Project Manager
+49 171 3658362

Fotoshooting Teammitglied Christian Schuhmacher in ENQT SweatjackeFotoshooting Teammitglied Christian Schuhmacher
Christian Schuhmacher

+49 151 239 127 13

Fotoshooting Teammitglied Michael Förstler in ENQT SweatjackeFotoshooting Teammitglied Michael Förstler
Michael Förstler

+49 171 8325436

Mitarbeiter Felix Feislachen mit ENQT JackeMitarbeiter Felix Feislachen ohne ENQT Jacke
Felix Feislachen

Marketing internship

Fotoshooting Teammitglied Frederik FröhlichFotoshooting Teammitglied Frederik Fröhlich in ENQT Sweatjacke
Frederik Fröhlich

Head of Production

Fotoshooting Teammitglied Alexander SinogejkinFotoshooting Teammitglied Alexander Sinogejkin in ENQT Sweatjacke
Alexander Sinogejkin

Production & Shipping

Mitarbeiterfoto Arne Eckel mit ENQT JackeMitarbeiterfoto Arne Eckel
Arne Eckel

Hardware and Firmware Developer

Mitarbeiterfoto Jannis DelzMitarbeiterfoto Janina Delz mit ENQT Jacke
Jannis Delz

Working Student Production

Fotoshooting Teammitglied Vanessa KutzkeFotoshooting Teammitglied Vanessa Kutzke
Vanessa Kutzke


Gestricktes ENQT Maskottchen als Ersatzfoto für MitarbeiterGestricktes ENQT Maskottchen als Ersatzfoto für Mitarbeiter
Sebastian Urban


Gestricktes ENQT Maskottchen als Ersatzfoto für MitarbeiterGestricktes ENQT Maskottchen als Ersatzfoto für Mitarbeiter
Daniel Milbaier


Our customers

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