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Made in Germany – How we manufacture our measuring instruments

Why do we manufacture the way we do? Many of our products are very specialized and are accordingly required in small quantities. A typical measuring device is ordered between 10 and 100 times per year. In this article we give an insight into how we organize our production and which advantages result from the production of small series.

What are the requirements?

– Small quantities

– Fast delivery times for our customers

– Smallest possible stock

What do we do ourselves?

The requirements mean that we have to do a lot ourselves – for many manufacturing partners we are not attractive with our quantities. In addition, an external production always requires a lot of coordination and explanation, often it is faster to produce simple parts ourselves. Therefore we have built up a production in mini format. This way we have access to many current manufacturing processes and can react quickly. Our machinery includes:

– 3D printers (based on various processes)

– Manual milling

– A CNC milling machine

– Laser cutter

– An electronics laboratory incl. HF test station

– An assembly station with semi-automatic assembly for printed circuit boards

– An assembly station incl. soldering equipment

– Vacuum equipment for silicone casting

– and much more!

This enables us to quickly manufacture many parts for our measuring instruments and sensors ourselves. The machinery is constantly expanded and renewed in order to be able to apply new manufacturing processes.

This enables us to respond very quickly to the wishes of our customers and to produce products in quantities of 1.

How is a typical measuring device manufactured?

Here we break down a typical measuring device into its components:

Printed circuit board

– Ordered from suppliers in the EU or Asia.

Electronic components

– Come from all over the world, meanwhile a lot is manufactured in China.


– Mostly from China.


– The case is 3D printed in house.

Transport case

– The case comes from China, the inlay from the Netherlands.


– Will be printed in house

The typical production flow is as follows:

– Package 3D Print

– Assemble & solder printed circuit board

– Test printed circuit board and load firmware

– Set up measuring device

– Test measuring device

– Assign serial number

– Pack device in transport case and enclose documentation

These steps are carried out entirely in-house in Hamburg. We can therefore rightly claim that our devices are “Made in Germany”.

Advantages of in-house small batch production

The (almost) complete in-house production of our measuring instruments results in many advantages for our customers and for us:

– We can react very flexibly to changing requirements

– Our development is practically integrated into production – short distances result in enormous speed advantages when transferring from development to production

– We know our products exactly – a loss of knowledge to external partners is avoided

– In case of problems, we can react extremely quickly and eliminate errors within a few hours or days

And if it becomes more?

We have a large network of partners and suppliers who can support us with larger production batches and, for example, take over the housing production, PCB assembly and mounting.

Do you have a product or project you would like to realize with us? We are at your disposal under +49 40 35 73 20 65 and!