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Introduction GPS

Why do we need exact positions? We develop measuring devices and sensors, and positioning plays a major role: Where exactly was a measurement made? Where was a sensor installed?

To answer these questions we use GPS in some products. GPS is a worldwide satellite network that enables positioning by measuring signal propagation times and timings. In the meantime there are also other, similar satellite networks which are operated by different countries:


– Galileo (Europe)

– GLONASS (Russia)

– Beidu (China)

Many current navigation receivers now support the reception of various networks, which can greatly increase the position accuracy. For very precise measurements, so-called RTK systems are used.

Data and their use

GPS receivers usually output their data via a (virtual) serial interface. So-called NMEA messages are used. These contain data about the position (longitude, latitude, altitude) and the current state of the GPS receiver (e.g. which satellites are currently in view).

In our products, we link these data with our measurement data and display them in our cloud portal. This way, measurements and measurement positions can be assigned perfectly.


GPS only works really well outdoors with a good view of the sky. Indoors (or even in the basement), GPS reception is often very limited. Therefore, we use GPS as a supplement to other positioning technologies such as mobile radio and WLAN. Many reception problems can also be solved by intelligent software. For example, a position can often be determined just outside the door – no reception is needed in the basement.

And what if the works council asks?

Some of our customers have reservations, as works councils are often rather skeptical about GPS and positioning functions. In this case, we can offer (almost) all our products without GPS and tracking functions. In addition, we are happy to provide information material and advice on the subject of tracking to clear up any misunderstandings that may exist.


GPS is a very useful technology that has become an indispensable part of our lives – even in industry there are thousands of applications. In combination with other positioning technologies, very precise positions can be determined even in buildings. Thanks to these functions, we will use GPS in many products in the future to make measurements and evaluations even easier.