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The new Netztester 2: Mobile radio measurement technology redefined!

Now mobile radio becomes even easier! Discover ENQT's Netztester 2 - the latest innovation in cellular measurement technology. With comprehensive support for a wide range of wireless technologies, advanced service options, and a user-friendly measurement data portal, the Netztester 2 revolutionizes the handling and analysis of cellular data. Available September 1, 2023, this powerful, versatile instrument sets new standards in efficiency and accuracy. Learn more about this groundbreaking technology in the following article.


In the complex world of mobile communications, it is imperative for professionals to be limited to technology that makes sense and is easy to use. With this need in mind, we at ENQT are proud to introduce our latest breakthrough in cellular measurement technology: The Network Tester 2. Available on the market as of 01 September 2023, this state-of-the-art and versatile product is the first of its kind.

A new era in wireless technology

The Netztester 2 is the result of our efforts to develop a device that supports a wide range of wireless technologies, including 2G, 3G, LTE, 450 MHz and 5G. With its ability to measure and analyze more technologies in one device, the Netztester 2 represents a major leap in wireless measurement technology. It brings together the functionality of multiple devices in a single, easy-to-use device, making it an indispensable tool for any user.

Available variants and prices

We understand that different customers have different requirements. That is why we have developed the Netztester 2 in two model variants to meet different needs. The 2G/LTE & 450 MHz variant will be available for €1,289 and the 4G/5G variant will be offered for €1,689. Despite the advanced technology built into these devices, we have strived to keep the prices competitive in order to offer our customers the best value for their money.

In the future, the model variants will be further supplemented, including the Network Tester 2 Ultra, which will then combine NB-IoT, M1, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, WLAN and BLE in one device.

Rugged design for use in the field

We know that our instruments are often used in demanding conditions. For this reason, we have developed a robust housing for the Netztester 2 that can withstand the demands of outdoor use. Optionally, we offer a special protective cover that provides additional protection for the device. Despite its rugged design, the Netztester 2 is surprisingly lightweight and portable, measuring 20 cm x 11 cm x 4 cm and weighing just under 450 g. It is also equipped with a large rechargeable battery that lasts for a whole working day and can be recharged by an included USB-C charging adapter.

The device comes in a sturdy carrying case, which ensures safe transportation and storage. In addition, the Netztester 2 features SMA connectors that allow users to use their own antennas.

Compared to its predecessor, the Netztester LTE, the Netztester 2 offers a number of improvements and new features. It allows users to use their own SIM cards and is equipped with a fast quad-core processor. Optional WLAN and Bluetooth measurement is also possible, and the larger display significantly improves usability. With a modern USB-C port and a more stable stand, it is ready for the most demanding applications.

The Netztester 2 comes with a USB-C cable and a FAKRA adapter, giving users added flexibility. The modular expandability of the device also means users are well equipped for future technology updates. The included operating pen also ensures convenient inputs on the device.

Advanced features and future-proof technology

As with its predecessor, the Netztester 2 offers a meter test for a holistic review of the mobile network and a signal test that provides a live measurement mode for antenna positioning. These features enable users to make informed decisions based on accurate and comprehensive data. In addition, we are already future-proofing the Netztester 2 by supporting additional technologies such as Wireless M-Bus (wM-Bus) and Long Range (LoRa). These continuous improvements demonstrate our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology.

Our service promise

At ENQT, we believe that a good product must be complemented by excellent service. That’s why we also offer three comprehensive service options for the Netztester 2.

The “Netztester 2 Standard” package offers our basic service including short training and 12 months warranty and is included in the purchase price of every device.

With the “Netztester 2 Plus” package, our customers receive regular software updates, access to your measurement history directly on the device and an extended warranty of 24 months. Our “EasyIntegration” feature allows you to easily integrate measured values into existing systems via QR scan.

Our “Netztester 2 Max” package offers our Maximum Service Package and also provides a comprehensive measurement data portal for central management of all measurements and network testers. This allows users to create comprehensive reports and fully check the network quality. This package also expands the Netztester 2 to include latency and speed measurements for a comprehensive evaluation of all connection parameters on site.

Measurement data management made easy

We naturally also offer our innovative solution for measurement data management for the Netztester 2. The data collected with the Netztester 2 can either be stored locally on the device or, with our Max service package, transmitted to our measurement data portal. This portal offers a number of features, including antenna recommendations based on your measurements in the field, simple map display of your measurements in the field and clear station reports as PDF. In addition, the portal allows the creation of different user roles and API connection to your SAP or GIS.

Training and support

We know that switching to a new technology can often be challenging. For this reason, we offer a free short training course included with purchase and a series of video tutorials on our website. These support offerings are specifically tailored to enable our customers to make the most of the Netztester 2’s extensive features and integrate the device efficiently into your work processes.

Availability and delivery time

The Netztester 2 will start shipping on September 01, 2023. Order today and enjoy being part of the future with this new device. The delivery time is then as usual 7 to 14 days after receipt of order.


With the Netztester 2, we at ENQT are setting a new standard in mobile communications measurement technology. This device embodies our commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction – in line with our motto “Making mobile communications simple”. It is our goal to provide our customers with the most advanced and user-friendly products on the market. We are eager to hear your feedback on the