wireless M-Bus

Wireless M-Bus: Application in the energy industry

The digitization of the energy industry is the basis for smart energy management. Here, a basic building block is the smart recording of heat, water, electricity and gas consumption data. which requires a modern measuring technique and corresponding transmission technologies. One such technology is the wireless Meter-Bus (wM-Bus), which allows for the central reading of all consumption data almost in real time. In this article, we focus on the use of transmission technology in the energy industry, in particular for submetering.

Wireless M-Bus: Introduction and functioning

The M-Bus, abbreviated for Meter-Bus, is a technical standard for the transmission of measurement data, which exists in both wired and wireless specifications. Wireless M-Bus installations can collect and transmit data from up to 250 sensors, being mainly used in consumption data acquisition. In this article, we explain the functioning of the wireless M-Bus communication.