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Location-based monitoring of mobile communications

Mobile communications are becoming more and more important, and many employees are increasingly using mobile phones, tablets and laptops. In the context of Industry 4.0, productions are also increasingly digitized and networked. With the communication via the mobile network, there are often problems related to the network stability or the respective reception. Unfortunately, the problems with the mobile network are tedious to untangle, since the data offered by the providers are often delayed and incomplete.

With our StaticProbes, the mobile network can be monitored on-site. We can install it at your premises as an early warning system.

Your advantages:

  • Monitoring of mobile communications signals, on the premises, simple and fast
  • Provider-independent measurement
  • Support for all mobile networks
  • Detection of significant changes in mobile communications
  • Detection of network failure

Why should you monitor mobile communications continuously?

The digital infrastructure is decisive and nowadays many devices have already been replaced by products with mobile communications. The continuous monitoring of the mobile network, failures can be quickly detected and measures derived from them. Limitations of network operations can be quickly identified. The targeted alarming allows you to directly identify when something has changed in your mobile network.

Summarized for you:

  • Mobile communications and the reception overview are becoming more and more important!
  • Limitations of network operation are being recognized!
  • Detect failures via targeted alarming
  • New mobile technologies such as 5G, NB-IoT and LoRa are becoming more and more appealing

Why SignalInsight: StaticProbes?

Witht the Signal Insight: StaticProbes, you have the opportunity to continuosly perform location-based measurements of mobile radio technologies and react fast to encountered changes affecting the mobile communications network. The extended portal functions also allow for the complete monitoring of the network and a deep-reaching analysis of the measurement data. The StaticProbe can be taken to the next level through alarming, being extended with additional important tools.

The Static Probe offers you support with:

  • All mobile technologies

    The StaticProbe can perform measurements in 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRa, wM-Bus and WLAN

  • A provider-independent network monitoring

    Whether Telekom, Vodafone or Telefonica, we proceed regardless of the operator and even throughout the entire Europe, in over 300 networks!

  • Innovative measurement data portal

    All your measurement data clearly organized in one place. Discover extraordinary functions and extensive possibilities!

  • Analysis functions

    With your analysis function, you can assess the measurement data in a meaningful manner and generate reports.

  • Dashboard

    Our clear dashboard offers you a fast and simple overview of the reception situations

With our StaticProbes, you receive:

  • A comprehensive overview into the associated mobile communications data
  • Coverage maps for your area
  • Intelligent alarming
  • Extensive assessment and analysis opportunities
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