Our SignalInsight products represent the perfectly coordinated solutions for your needs. Take advantage of our extensive service and support offer. Whether you are interested in the measurement of interior spaces, the installation in vehicles or a location-based mobile network monitoring. Discover dead spots and increase the level of satisfaction with your mobile network coverage.

SignalInsight: StaticProbes:

With the StaticProbes, you benefit from the location-based measurement in all mobile networks. Intelligent alarming and a comfortable dashboard make your everyday life easier. With the StaticProbes, you will receive an extensive overview into the mobile network.

SignalInsight: ImmoCheck:

With the ImmoCheck, you will receive an accurate measurement of your object. Whether production halls, rental properties, new buildings and open spaces – receive an extensive assessment regarding the mobile communications (2G/3G/4G/5G or LoRa), WLAN or w-MBus coverage. With the precise localization of measurement values and specific recommendations for the network improvement, you are bringing your building up to date.

Our measuring solutions

SignalInsight: StaticProbes

With StaticProbes, you can assess the mobile reception locally, in a manner that is simple, fast and sustainable. Identify network failures in good time and react to changes in a targeted manner.

SignalInsight: ImmoCheck

Examine your building for mobile communications now and digitize it. Increase your rental revenue and the satisfaction of employees. Receive extensive assessments and specific improvements for your building!