Use Cases

  • Digitization
  • Smart Metering
  • Smart Grid
  • E-Mobility
  • Industry 4.0
  • Internet of Things


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Challenges with HKV roll-outs

Within the context of roll-out projects, in the field of smart metering, more and more devices are connected to gateways via wireless M-Bus. The continuous accessibility and a reliable data transmission represent important success factors here.

Until now, many wireless M-Bus installations did not measure how the signal level and data transfer behaved. Often times, even a simple check is not undertaken, to determine whether installed devices transmit at all or if configuration errors are present. As a result installations often have to be aborted or carried out several times until the desired result is achieved.

Therefore a detailed testing of the installed devices is recommended, in order to obtain valid data and select the correct components for the installation.

Our Solution

Our WMR Network Tester is a compact, simple-to-operate device for the measurement of wireless MBus signals. In addition to parameters such as the signal strength, complete wireless M-Bus messages are also received and displayed as needed. External antennas can be easily connected via the antenna port. Thus a comprehensive assessment and valid appraisal of the network quality will be guaranteed and it will be confirmed whether a wireless M-Bus connection can be realized or not. With our signal tester, you can avoid expensive and time-consuming installation aborts.

  • Wireless M-Bus/OMS Tester

    The intelligent software receives all wireless M-Bus (OMS) messages. The measured values are displayed in the app for assessment. If required, the wireless M-Bus messages can also be displayed. Thus, the WMR network tester allows for a valid appraisal of whether and where a wireless M-Bus installation can be realized.

  • Robust housing

    The housing of the WMR network tester is extremely robust, protecting the tester against splashing water. The integrated OLED display ensures a sharp display image.

  • Data provision via app or .csv

    Collected measurement data is displayed in the corresponding Android app and can be exported in different formats (e.g. CSV) if required. As an option, we can also develop an integration link to existing systems.

  • Easy operation

    The WMR network tester convinces with its exceptionally simple operation. Thanks to the intuitive use of the app, both you and your employees can immediately increase the installation quality without any special training.

  • Avoid unnecessary customer visits

    Thanks to the valid, reliable measurement values, second visits can be avoided.

Technical data

  • Large battery capacity

    The powerful lithium battery lasts several days and be easily charged via USB.

  • Multitude of connection options

    The WMR network tester is manufactured with a SMA antenna connector for external antennas and a USB connector.

  • Wireless M-Bus and OMS compatible

    The WMR network tester measures wireless M-Bus devices, being usable for the multi-vendor and cross-divisional OMS communication architecture.

  • Optional accessories

    Charging cable, power plug, iOS/Android app

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