Use Cases

  • Digitization
  • Internet of Things
  • Smart City
  • Parking spaces
  • Smart Waste
  • Street Lamps


Your network tester for NB IoT

In the Internet of Things, more and more of these IoT devices are networked and connected via NarrowBank IoT (NB IoT). The devices connected via low-power standards can thus benefit from reduced costs and low energy consumption. Within buildings, a high penetration occurs due to the low bandwidth. With a fast assessment of the NB IoT network, you can identify and avoid sources of error. Our network tester will support you!

Why NB-IoT:

  • High building penetration
  • High network coverage
  • Reduced costs
  • Great networking opportunities
  • Long battery life

Info: The NB-IoT can only be tested for a provider. Please let us know if you are interested.

Our Solution

With the NB IoT, second visits and network interruptions belong to the past. Verify the desired network in a simple and fast manner!

Obtain valid measurement results, in order to determine the quality of the mobile communications network. To this purpose, unlike other devices, we connect directly to the networks, which leads to more meaningful results. We offer you a network tester for a provider! Just tell us the network you want to use!

  • Test 2G, LTE Cat M1 & NB IoT with only one device!

    Test the 2G and LTE Cat M1 in the networks of O2, Vodafone and Telekom with only one device. The NB-IoT network can be verified according to a specific provider. Just tell us your desired provider!

  • Use your own antennas!

    Using the live measurement mode, you can see in real time where the antennas need to be placed for optimal reception. This makes it easier for your employees to work on site and it prevents expensive rework.

  • Easy use

    Our network tester convinces with its extremely simple operation and the color coding of the measurement values.

  • Central measurement data and device management.

    In the measurement data portal, you have all the data available at any time, or you can export the measurement data as PDF or CSV file. Contact us for individual configurations.

  • Excellent measuring methods

    Unlike other providers, we query the cell ID, Location Area Code (LAC), signal strength and connection speed of the operator.

Technical data

  • Robust housing

    The housing is extremely robust and protects the network tester against splashing water.

  • A single charging of the battery for the whole day!

    The powerful lithium battery lasts an entire work day and can be easily charged with the included power adapter.

  • True color touch display

    The touch display simplifies the operation of the device. The provided stylus allows easy operation during longer inputs.

  • Integrated SIM card

    The integrated SIM allows for the testing of all German (Telekom/Vodafone/O2) and all European networks.

  • 2 SMA antenna connectors

    The network tester has two SMA connectors to connect external antennas. The supplied Fakra adapter makes it easy to use your own antennas.

We have the right device for you, for every application. Among other things, you can:

  • with the NB IoTmax network tester, you can measure the data throughput and obtain access to our measurement data portal and many other features, such as a central device management.
  • with our NB IoT+ network tester, we can handle the configuration and remote management of the devices. Automatic updates complete the offer. You can use the network tester worry-free and benefit from our extensive service offer.
Contact us for your individual offer!