With our network testers, you have the possibility to carry out precise measurements, in order to undertake reliable installations, so that you are able to avoid signal cancellation yourself and increase the quality of your installation. In this way, you can avoid multiple trips and expensive subsequent works. When it comes to our smart measuring instruments, we rely on thehighest quality and continouous development.

Specifically our integrated hardware-software solutions allow for a fast and reliable collection of mobile and wireless M-Bus quality data, as well as adequate visualization and processing, in our measured data portal (for mobile data) and in our Android app (wireless M-Bus).

So that we are able to always offer you an excellent service , we rely on our production and development site in Hamburg. This allows us to always be flexible and react to market changes. Do not hesitate to check out our product pages or our online store.

Our measurement solutions

LTE network tester (2G/3G/LTE)

The compact, reliable signal tester for the testing of 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks. It convinces with its simple operation and significantly better measurement results, in comparison to similar products.

Our measurement data portal

The secure solution for your measurement data. You have access to the data of our network testers anytime and anywhere. The clear display and the simple export make the digitization easier for you.


The practical helper for verifying the wireless M-Bus connection of your installation or the installation planning, in a fast and reliable manner. Incl. practical app, which shows the data live on your smartphone!