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10 Good reasons for mobile measurements when installing smart metering systems

The roll-out of smart measuring systems is currently in full swing in Germany. Such iMSys represent one of the core components of the so-called "smart grids", being expected to have a significant contribution to the energy revolution. They enable not only the automatic collection and transmission of the electricity meter reading, but also the connection of private electricity networks to smart control units and the networking of a wide range of components belonging to these electricity networks. To ensure that the smart metering system functions as planned, a good mobile network connection is vital. In this article, we present our 10 reasons for mobile measurements when installing smart measuring devices.

The roll-out of smart measuring systems is currently in full swing in Germany. The Metering Point Operation Act, which was adopted in 2016, mentions that all analogue electricity meters should be replaced by modern measuring units or smart metering systems (iMSys) by 2032. Metering point operators are responsible for this conversion to „smart metering“ and the installation of the new meters.

Smart metering systems represent a core component of the so-called „smart grids“, being expected to have a significant contribution to the energy revolution. We are talking about digital electricity meters when it comes to both modern measuring units and smart metering systems. The difference lies in a communication unit, which helps iMSys to receive and send data via mobile communications. Modern metering devices can be upgraded to a smart metering system at a later date, by installing such a communication unit.

Smart metering systems automatically collect the meter reading, which can also be retrieved by customers every quarter of an hour. Historical data is also stored and can be visualized in a daily, weekly, monthly or annual display. The communication unit also ensures an automatic transmission of the collected data to the metering point operator. Such remote reading eliminates the need of regular on-site visits by the service provider.

To ensure that a smart metering system functions as planned, a good mobile connection is also essential. Service providers responsible for the roll-out report that this connectivity represents the biggest challenge for the installation of iMSys. Around 80% of the disturbance that occurs here can be attributed to the poor mobile reception. For this reason, it makes sense to carry out a mobile measurement at the installation site, before installing the measuring unit. To this purpose, we offer network testers, which are suitable for the measuring of GMS/GPRS, UMTS, and LTE reception. Our devices convince, among other things, with the easy operation, automatic updates and optional remote maintenance, access to our measurement data portal, and a central device management. The ENQT LTE network testers provide reliable measurement data and offer you the following advantages when it comes to the installation of smart metering systems:

1. Flexibility :test the mobile networks, before proceeding with the installation. This prevents the installation from having to be aborted.

2. Antenna positioning : find the best position for your antenna. The optimal antenna positioning can significantly improve the reception.

3. Antenna selection : select the best antenna for each installation. With the right antenna, over 98% of the installations are completed with success.

4. Installation success : provide your installers with a simple way to monitor success. Validate your own installations, and the ones done by others, with a quick check.

5. . Problem cases : identify problem cases easily during installation, eliminating the need for a second visit and thus significant costs.

6. Documentation: document your measurement values for later assessment and as basis for the roll-out planning.

7. Analyses: analyze problem cases related to mobile connectivity, in a fast and simple way. Thus, even complex installations become a success.

8. Network operator selection: select each network operator and the respective network technology. Our devices measure independent of preference and provider.

9. Long-term monitoring: monitor critical installations extensively, in order to find the most complex errors.

10. Complete analysis: measure latencies and data throughput with our network testers! This is an invaluable advantage particularly for extensive installations and complex systems.

The LTE network testers of ENQT GmbH can already perform testing in 2G, 3G and 4G networks, being of great support when it comes to the verification of mobile networks. We offer 5G measurement during the course of the year! Are you interested in mobile communications measurements? Feel free to visit our shop, write us an e-mail or call us at +49 40 35 73 20 65! For any further questions, we are at your disposal.