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Selecting the right installation location for antennas

When installing antennas for wireless networks (especially cellular antennas), proper alignment and installation location are critical for subsequent reliable connectivity.

There are a few basic rules that should be followed when installing antennas:

– Antennas should be installed as far away as possible from large metal objects (heating boilers, fire doors, etc.)

– Antennas must be aligned according to the data sheet. It is no use if the antenna radiates the complete transmission power into the nearest reinforced concrete wall

– Depending on the antenna type, antennas need a ground plane to function optimally

– Antenna cables should not be laid open if possible. There is always someone who finds it interesting to cut antenna cables

– The installation location of the antenna should be tested, e.g. with one of our measuring devices for mobile radio and wireless M-Bus

From these basic rules also requirements for purchasing and material supply follow:

– A cheatsheet (i.e., a quick reference guide with pictures) should be prepared for the installers. Case studies from their own network area should be included

– The orientation of the antennas should be clearly marked directly on the antenna housing (e.g. by a red arrow)

– Only antennas that are independent of the ground plane used should be procured

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