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Installation of smart metering systems: a six-step plan for success with our LTE network tester!

The scheduled functioning of smart metering systems depends, to a large extent, on the mobile connectivity. One of the biggest challenges when it comes to installing smart metering system is ensuring this. For this reason, it makes sense to carry out a mobile measurement at the installation site, before installing the measuring unit. In this article, we will explain how to use the ENQT network testers and how to perform a succesful iMSys installation in six simple steps.

10 Good reasons for mobile measurements when installing smart metering systems

The roll-out of smart measuring systems is currently in full swing in Germany. Such iMSys represent one of the core components of the so-called “smart grids”, being expected to have a significant contribution to the energy revolution. They enable not only the automatic collection and transmission of the electricity meter reading, but also the connection of private electricity networks to smart control units and the networking of a wide range of components belonging to these electricity networks. To ensure that the smart metering system functions as planned, a good mobile network connection is vital. In this article, we present our 10 reasons for mobile measurements when installing smart measuring devices.

Introduction to GPS

Why do we require precise positions? We develop measuring devices and sensors, and this is the reason why the positioning plays such an important role: where is a measuring precisely carried out? Where is a sensor installed? Solution: GPS! To be able to answer these questions, we are implementing GPS in some products. GPS is…

GPS in very small spaces

At the moment, we are involved in the development of very small, robust GPS trackers with mobile communications and LPWAN. A compact GPS antenna can be spotted in the picture. A 2 cent coin serves as a size reference. Applications The trackers are intended to be primarily used for the monitoring of equipment and facilities…