Each industry has its own definition of digitization, and in some cases, the definition varies greatly between different companies. In most cases, it refers to the automation and networking of existing and new processes. Sensible processes are not always being automated, even though this provides the opportunity to digitalize processes properly – think processes digitally.


In almost every automation project, existing systems have to be adapted and optimized to implement new workflows, an improved order handling or other topics. In this field, we have a lot of experience with the systems available on the market, whether SAP or a small CRM system. We are looking forward to support your system modifications as architects, project leaders and project managers.


The employees must be strongly involved in every digitization project. Knowledge required for digitization is often not documented and only exists in the heads of the employees. This knowledge has to be documented and secured in the initial phase of digitization projects. Moreover, key employees have to be kept on a long-term basis because in many cases a 100% digitization and automation is not cost effective.

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