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ENQT offers you innovative measurement technology for mobile communications. Our in-house development measurement solutions are manufactured in Hamburg. Thereby, we focus on clever measurement solutions and intelligent software for data evaluation.

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LTE Network Tester

With the LTE network tester, you can test 2G/3G & 4G networks in a simple manner. Our network tester offers you rapid and uncomplicated valid measurement results, in order to confirm the quality of the mobile communications network. Discover the wide range of functions:

  • Attenuation and speed measurement
  • EU-wide provider support
  • Historical measurement data display
  • Comfortable measurement functions

WMR Network Tester

Many devices are connected via wireless M-Bus, often times a simple verification is missing, to determine whether the devices and gateways have been correctly connected. With the WMR network tester, you can:

  • Correctly position gateways
  • Validate wireless M-Bus devices
  • Avoid data aborts
  • Preparation for the remote transmission


Mobile communications inside buildings are becoming more and more important! With the ImmoCheck, you receive a comprehensive interior measurement and coverage maps for all technologies and providers. Why the interior measurement from ENQT:

  • Increase in purchase and rental prices
  • New wireless technologies are becoming more and more interesting
  • The use of mobile device has increased significantly
  • Preparation for the expansion of mobile communications and WLAN


The stationary mobile communications monitoring for a reliable use of the wireless network. With the StaticProbes, you can identify changes in the wireless network in a professional and timely manner, with intelligent alarming. With local mobile communications monitoring now:

  • Undertake a fast and long-lasting assessment of the mobile communications network
  • Early recognition of network failures
  • Deduce and implement countermeasures
  • Visualize relevant network parameters


With our measurement vehicles, we measure your business area using mobile radio technology. You can receive comprehensive coverage maps and all measurement data processed for you with pinpoint accuracy via the comfortable measurement data portal. With the DriveTests from ENQT, we support you:

  • To identify the potential of expansion
  • To prepare for the digitization
  • To guarantee a continuous voice and data communication
  • To identify white spots for attenuation and transfer rates.


Our solution, for your own measurement of the mobile communications coverage of your network area. Install our AMS in your fleet of vehicles for a reliable assessment of the mobile network for all providers. Make independent and rapid measurements, receiving your measurement values via our comfortable measurement data portal. With the AMS, you can:

  • Receive a quick assessment regarding your mobile network coverage
  • Early recognition of network failures
  • Collect arguments for negotiations with network operators
  • Ensure the reception quality

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